Robot Metrics are not visible in USM portlet in UMP


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


Some servers where UIM robot is running are not visible in UMP USM portlet


These Robot servers were cloned off the other Robot image.
As a result, "robot_device_id" is duplicated.
In discovery_server probe debug log, it shows "robot is getting ignored.

example :

WARN  com.nimsoft.discovery.server.nimbus.scan.RobotWithDuplicateDeviceIdPruner - 2 active robots have the same robot_device_id:  'XXXXXXXXXXXXX'.
WARN  com.nimsoft.discovery.server.nimbus.scan.RobotWithDuplicateDeviceIdPruner - Keeping robot '/XXX/YYY/AAA'.  IP: 'X.X.X.X'.  Created time:  'XXX'.
WARN  com.nimsoft.discovery.server.nimbus.scan.RobotWithDuplicateDeviceIdPruner - Ignoring robot '/XXX/YYY/BBB'.  IP: 'Y.Y.Y.Y'.  Created time:  'XXX'.


UIM 8.5.1


Run "_reset_device_id_and_restart" callback in all of the problematic robot servers.
Here is detailed instruction.

1. Identify Robot name where problematic.
2. Open IM, highlight controller probe and press CTRL+P
3. Turn on "Expert Mode" (See screenshot to turn on Expert Mode)

4. Select "_reset_device_id_and_restart" callback from commandset dropdown.
5. Execute (Green button)

Additional Information

If there are too many Robot servers need to work, you can automate the probe utility in command format.
See attachment for an example in Windows.


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