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Is it possible to set the comparison operator during VSI creation?


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


Is it possible to set the comparison operator during the service image creation?




All supported DevTest releases.


During the VSI creation it is not possible to change the comparison operator.
When creating the service image, the comparison operator will be always set as equals (=).
We can change it in the Portal or Workstation after the VSI is created.

To change the comparison operator in the Portal we need to edit the VSI, select the request argument and the Operator drop down.

Here are some other suggestion that can help
. During the SI creation, add the "Request Data Manager" data protocol handler and use it to delete the fields you want to be anything.
The downside of this is that the values for these fields in the response will be static instead of magic strings.
More information regarding the Request Data Manager in the link below:

. When editing the VSI in the Workstation, at the bottom of the "Request Data" tab, there is an icon that looks like a notepad and pencil, "Do a mass change of request arguments".
If you select one field you want to change and set the comparison operator to be "Anything", it will let you change all of the matching fields in the VSI in one click.
More information regarding the "Do a mass change of request arguments" in the link below. Search for Mass Change: