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Former Proxy is still getting Timesheet Approval Action items


Article ID: 130278


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


A user who was a proxy for another user is still getting timesheet approval action item notifications even though they are no longer  setup as a proxy.

Step to reproduce:
  1. In Clarity PPM account settings -> Proxy, have user1 set up user2 as a proxy.
  2. Clear the proxy info and set it back to "Do Not Use a Proxy"
Expected Results: user2 should no longer be getting notifications to approve timesheets
Actual Results: user2 is still receiving action item notifications to approve timesheets that should only be going to user1. yet he is still receiving all of my timesheet notifications. 


Component: PPMCOL


Check to make sure the user doesn't have timesheet approval access to the resources they are incorrectly receiving the notifications for.

Note: If you are using a custom process, the proxy user does not need timesheet approval access if you use a timesheet approval process, where you are approving an action item and not a timesheet. See KB000055324 for more details. 

Additional Information

See KB000021294 - How do Timesheet Notifications get sent automatically without using a process definition?