Scheduled maintenance are not honored
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Scheduled maintenance are not honored


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Alarm subsystem still generating alarm for robots that are in an active maintenance window


UIM 8.51 
maintenance_mode,"8.53 HF3  


  • Maintenance mode has a Purge task which deletes the expired maintenance windows which is disabled by default. To enable the task, create a configuration key "purge_maintenance_window_interval" and set to an whole integer in maintenance mode probe configuration under <setup> section. 
purge_maintenance_window_interval = 1 , meaning the task would run every one hour. 
     To disable the task, it has to be reset to -1 
      Deletion of the maintenance windows improves performance of registration of NAS with maintenance mode. 
      You can check if the maintenance windows got deleted or not by checking the count of maintenance_window table. 
      select count(*) from maintenance_window 
  • In NAS set "maint_max_resp_time" to 120 under <setup> section in nas.cfg 
    In certain circunstances could be required to set "maint_max_resp_time" = 180 
  • In NAS set "registrationIntervalLookAheadMinutes" under <setup> section in nas.cfg to some higher value like "60" or "90"
  • Deactivate and activate NAS and maintenance_mode after adding the above configurations.