Host Configuration tab is grey for devices that should have NCM functions in Spectrum OneClick


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CA Spectrum


There are devices in out of the box NCM device families that support NCM capabilites but do not have the Host Configuration tab enabled.


The device was originally in a custom device family and Spectrum moved it to the out of box device family which disabled the Host Configuration functionality when transferred.


Component: SPCOCK


This is resolved in 10.3.1 and above as well as in Spectrum_10.03.00.PTF_10.3.017 for 10.3.0:

This Patch provides the ability to move out of box devices to custom NCM families. 
    Below 2 new vnmrc options should be used to enable the feature  
    -- default value is false; This option allows to move the device from out of the box, on spectrum release it 
    will available in OC view. 

    -- default value is true; this option allows move the devices to out of the box when the device removed 
    from families search criteria.  

    Symptom: The moving device from out of box families is not allowed in Spectrum.
    Resolution: Spectrum allows moving the devices from out of box Ncm families to the custom family.
    ( DE404414, 01293804 )

Additional Information

An alternative workaround to fix the Host Configuration tab is to set the NCM_Device_Family_Index attribute to 1.