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Can you confirm what version of Google Chrome is supported on the Clarity PPM 15.6 New UX?


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Can you confirm what version of Google Chrome is supported on the Clarity PPM 15.6 New UX?


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To achieve the best performance, we recommend updating to a newer browser such as: 
- Firefox 65 
- Chrome 72 
- Edge 41 (Windows 10)

Please note IE 11 is not supported for the Clarity PPM 15.6 New UX.

Our documentation below lists a few scenarios that users could potentially face. 

Internet Explorer 11 Not Supported for New User Experience Features 
Classic PPM still supports IE 11; however, the New User Experience cannot extend backward compatibility with any old browser technology, including IE 11. 
This is not a known issue with CA PPM. Instead, it is a known issue with IE 11. Microsoft has invested in a new browser, Microsoft Edge. 
Tip: If users ignore the support requirements and attempt to use IE 11 with the New User Experience, the following problems could occur: 
- Defective features or memory leaks (with no scheduled fixes from Microsoft) 
- Missing browser framework support for new REST API capabilities 
- Poor appearance or slow performance with HTML 5 and new Angular components 
- Links to other sites stop working or show messages indicating you need to update your browser 
- For example, using IE 11, you could cause your roadmap timeline to stop working, the staffing pages might not load all resources, and other problems could occur that appear to be random until users realize they are using old unsupported browser technology to access a completely new drag-and-drop feature-rich web application interface. For best results when viewing the modern user experience pages in CA PPM, switch to a new browser such as Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. 

Here is a list of supported browsers on Windows. (Please see for Mac and Linux -

- Microsoft Edge 41 (Windows 10) 
- Internet Explorer 11.967.16299 (Classic PPM only except when the Phoenix UI theme is applied; IE 11 is not supported with the New User Experience or Phoenix UI theme) 
- Firefox 65 
- Google Chrome 72 

* New Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge releases might be supported with minimal testing after being released. 
* Since Release 15.4, the New User Experience no longer supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11). Classic Clarity PPM still supports IE 11 for backward compatibility; however, Classic Clarity PPM with the Phoenix UI theme applied does not support IE 11. Microsoft is only making select security updates to IE 11. To achieve the best performance, we recommend updating to a newer browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Edge. Microsoft Windows 10 includes Microsoft Edge, a faster, newer, and more productive web browser. Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Edge as your default browser and is only supporting IE11 for backward compatibility. Using the optional Enterprise Mode, PPM customers at organizations that still require IE 11 can use Microsoft Edge as their default browser while also ensuring that legacy applications continue working on IE11. To learn more, contact your IT department and the browser life cycle information provided online by Microsoft.