How to dynamically extend the CA 11 601 database area while the database is open


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How to dynamically extend the CA 11 601 database area  while the database is open?


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Datacom/AD r15.0 has a modified extend command that can be used within the MUF joblog to allocate additional space while the base is open.

The DYNAMIC_EXTEND can be issued either as a console command to the MUF or via DBUTLTY COMM statement.

Below is an  example of the command syntax  issued via DBUTLTY COMM statement :   



Below is an example of console command to the MUF: 

/F mufstc,,DYNAMIC_EXTEND 601,IXX,50,CYL

This command will also work for Datacom/AD 14.0 when RO71530 has been applied.  This can be done during live CA 11 access to the base. 

The on-demand DYNAMIC_EXTEND feature is discussed in CA Datacom Core - 15.0 section “DYNAMIC_EXTEND” at

For additional information please also  refer to the example shown in the following Datacom/AD article which shows an example for base 430, area IXX. For CA 11

use DBID 601.  Increase the space to the desired size. 

Article ID:  9503 “How to extend a CA Datacom area while the database is open”

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers if you have further questions.