Client Automation - SD Jobs error SDM228471 and/or SDM228514
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Client Automation - SD Jobs error SDM228471 and/or SDM228514


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When SD job is sent to a lot of computers, some SD jobs are in error :

- Job execution error, no access to software package library. [SDM228471]


- Job execution postponed. Unable to download package from SS or any collaborating agent. [SDM228514]



Client Automation 14.0 SP2


In case of some communication problem between SD Server plugin (on scalability server) and SD Agent, there are 3 retries with a delay of 3 seconds between retry.
During this time a thread in SD Server is blocked and others SD communication are waiting. This could give some timeout problems.


Contact CA Technical Support to request the fix T55L095.

This fix should be installed on computers with Scalability Server 14.0 SP2 installed.