We are getting user abend U0456 while accessing Database


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User getting user abend U0456 while accessing Database (Browse option) Hitting PF1 key, we get the message: The Browse process terminated with IMS User Abend 0456. The PSB being used, CAWK#000, has been stopped as a result of a previous abend. Please start PSB CAWK#000 and then retry the browse request.

if we perform an ACBLIB online change (/MODIFY PREPARE ACBLIB and /MODIFY COMMIT) the processing goes successful. We can consider this as temporary solution for this issue. 

The issue may be because of this reason --> If a dynamic PSB is added to a concatenation of ACBLIB that causes the data set to be expanded to a secondary extent, that PSB is unavailable to the online system until the ACBLIB is closed and reopened by IMS. 


Component: FMIMS


One thing that could be pointed out is that you don't have to use the dynamic ACB feature. Any IMS database can be accessed via a static PSB/ACB. With that, the problem goes away. 
If you really want to use the dynamic ACB feature, there's nothing FMIMS can do when a dynamic ACB library runs into a secondary extent.