uniimp does not allow to import objects with other versions
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uniimp does not allow to import objects with other versions


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


The command uniimp returns error when trying to import objects ( uproc / sessions ) that have a version not allowed in the target area.
export via uniexp the uprocs and sessions from area APP to a xml file -> the xml file will contain version 001 in the objects
import the previously generated xml file using the command uniimp into the area EXP  -> the command will fail to create the uprocs and session on area EXP as only version 000 is authorized.

The error that appears in the output of the command uniimp while trying to import uprocs from APP to EXP:
Message : "Error while creating uproc [UPROCNAME][001]. com.orsyp.DataException: Version 001 is incompatible with area X" 


Dollar Universe 6.x using the uniexp / uniimp tools included in the du_upgrade_toolkit or in UVMS.


This is expected behavior, the tool uniimp does not allow cross-area (like app->exp or exp->app) imports.


There are three possible solutions:
1) Using  Dollar Universe tools uxext and uxins
2) Using Packages that support Cross-Area Deployments
3) Using uniimp command but replacing the objects version in the export*.xml to the ones that are authorized in the target Area

Example, if you want to import Uprocs and Sessions from Area EXP into area APP:
Replace in the xml file:




Then use the modified file to import the objects.


Additional Information

In version 6.10.01 it will be possible to transform a xml file into a unipkg and then use it for the deployment with the command unidpl or with UVC.