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Same MS SQL backend appears as differents in Team Center map


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


The .Net agent is discovering as different backend, the same MS SQL 2008 R2 DB instance. The only difference between the duplicates is the name which come in uppercase/lowercase or mix of both


The backend is recognized as different backends, due the name is some times discovered as with all letters in upper case, or all in lower case , or a mix of both.
     USERS, Users, users, etc


# CA Wily Introscope(R) Version 10.7.0 Release 
# Hotfix 10.7.0-HF14 

.Net Agent 
# Introscope AutoProbe and Agent Configuration 
# CA Wily Introscope(R) Version 10.7.0 Release 


SE built a Desktop Build
This Desktop Build set the DB name in lower case, hence it is recognized as the same
The definitive HF solution was included in 10.7 HF #31

Additional Information

Case: 1288214 (Service Cloud)
Defect DE406681 - DE409952
APM 10.7 HF #31