How to get an inventory list from vertica
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How to get an inventory list from vertica


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How can I get a device inventory that includes manageable and pingable devices out of the vertica database?


DX NetOps Performance Management any version


To get a device inventory out of the vertica database do the following

  1. Log on to the DR
  2. su - dradmin
  3. cd /opt/vertica/bin
  4. Run the following query to get ALL devices

./vsql -U dradmin -w <your password> -o /tmp/AllDevices.txt -c "select d.item_id, v6_ntoa(d.primary_ip_address), d.hostname, i.item_name, p.is_pingable, m.is_manageable from dauser.device d join dauser.item i on d.item_id=i.item_id left join (select item_id, true as is_pingable from dauser.v_item_facet where facet_qname='{}AccessibleDevice') p on p.item_id=d.item_id left join(select item_id, true as is_manageable from dauser.v_item_facet where facet_qname='{}ManageableDevice') m on m.item_id=d.item_id order by item_id;"

Check the tmp directory for AllDevices.txt.  This will show an inventory of your devices, including wether a device is manageable or pingable