Error 'Download Failed - Signature' received when attempting to download attachments on some CA Service Desk Manager tickets


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When attempting to download attachments on some CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) tickets, users receive an error: Download Failed - Signature Error

The following errors appear in the CA SDM STDLOGs:

SDM_SERVER spelsrvr 8104 SIGNIFICANT  doc_rep.spl 529 More than one request found for attachment 2271590

SDM_SERVER spelsrvr 8104 ERROR pcexec.c 6554 Spell interp failed at attmnt::get_parent_info_secure (...) doc_rep.spl:535: Math argument type

SDM_SERVER domsrvr 2072 ERROR domdict.c 1116 Signature error in secure_dob_by_persid: arg[1] = nil with invalid type NIL

SDM_SERVER domsrvr 2072 ERROR dombase.c 735 Bad arg of type 5 in secure_dob_by_persid [FAC:NC:ATTR:OB:MTH:]

SDM_SERVER rep_daemon 9044 ERROR DomWrap.c 959 Failed to complete reply method: 'MTH::got_parent_info' ,BOP Name:'Attachment id:2271590' in class:'CDownloadFile', Error:Signature error


CA Service Desk Manager 14.x and 17.x
All Supported Operating Systems


1. Take a backup of the usp_lrel_attachments_requests MDB table. You can backup this table up by running the following command via a command line on the CA SDM server: 

pdm_extract usp_lrel_attachments_requests > attachments.txt 

This will generate an 'attachments.txt' file in the directory from which you ran the command. 

2. Once the backup is complete, run the following query against the CA SDM MDB database:

delete from usp_lrel_attachments_requests where cr NOT in (select persid from call_req) 

3. Run the following command from a command line on the CA SDM server to clear the cache from the usp_lrel_attachments_requests MDB table: 

pdm_cache_refresh -t usp_lrel_attachments_requests 

4. Logout of the CA SDM UI and clear web browser cache and then attempt to download attachment from a problematic CA SDM ticket 

If the issue persists, please contact Support for further assistance.