Unable to connect to Oracle database with sql_response probe
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Unable to connect to Oracle database with sql_response probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Unable to connect to Oracle DB from the sql_response probe using OLEDB provider.

From sql_response log:

Mar 13 14:08:35:003 sql_response: Finding OLE DB Providers:
Mar 13 14:08:35:009 sql_response: [SQLOLEDB.1     ] Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
Mar 13 14:08:35:020 sql_response: [MSDataShape.1  ] MSDataShape
Mar 13 14:08:35:021 sql_response: [SQLNCLI11.1    ] SQL Server Native Client 11.0
Mar 13 14:08:35:032 sql_response: [ADsDSOObject   ] OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Directory Services
Mar 13 14:08:35:063 sql_response: [MSDASQL.1      ] Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers
Mar 13 14:08:35:069 sql_response: [MSDAOSP.1      ] Microsoft OLE DB Simple Provider
Mar 13 14:08:35:071 sql_response: [MSOLAP.6       ] Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Analysis Services 12.0


Sql_response probe ver 1.66 deployed on Windows server x86_64 platform.

Oracle client 12.2 32-bit installed on the Windows server.



The 32-bit Oracle client does not properly install OLEDB provider on an x86_64 platform. 

It is expected to see OLE DB provider: '[OraOLEDB.Oracle.1] Oracle Provider for OLE DB' to be loaded when starting the sql_respone probe.



Deploy 64-bit Oracle Client instead. When finished run 'Regedit' command in a command line window and search below location:


the key OLEDB has been created.

Make sure \ORACLE_HOME\bin path has been added in OS lib path for OraOLEDBver.dll (for example OraOLEDB12.dll) to be loaded by applications and Nimsoft service has been restarted on this server after that.

An example of ORACLE_HOME for Oracle Client: 'E:\app\client\Administrator\product\12.2.0\client_1'

Remove folder \ORACLE_HOME\bin for 32-bit Oracle Client from OS lib path (the environment variable 'path' on Windows server) and remove its Home Key (if any) under \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE\ for the 32-bit client. Remove the 32-bit client home from disk if it is not used by any application.