Rally - In what order are Iterations displayed in a drop down selection box
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Rally - In what order are Iterations displayed in a drop down selection box


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally) CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


The Iteration drop down list for a story doesn't not show the current or near future Iterations. It is showing those in the far future. When choosing an iteration for an artifact, the drop down box with search options displays a short list and is not scrollable.  How are items ordered and why are only 10 or so shown.  The user has to search for items not displayed which is harder than clicking on them?


Component: ACSAAS


The drop down box shows only 10 iterations, they are listed in reverse chronological order by the end date.  If customers have created and saved many iterations out in the future the ones with the greatest end date are shown at the top of the list.  Many customers will create the iterations for the full fiscal or calendar year in advance.  The year end or most future iterations are shown at the top of the list.  If the user needs to locate an iteration ending January 14th for a project that has a full year of 2 week iterations defined, the January iteration could conceivably be the in the 26th spot on the list.  The user will have to search for it because we display only 10.  We display only 10 for performance reasons.  Should the app be trying to pull in all iterations in the history of a project it might take a lot longer to render the page. 

NOTE: When creating new iterations in the future, these may not be displayed immediately on the list. It was found that in Chrome a hard refresh of the detail page may be required to synch the list with newly created iterations.  The hard refresh was not required in FireFox.