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When I use the CA Intertest CICS CNTL menu to reset my breakpoints and new copy my program I no longer receive message CAIN4312 that new copy was successful.


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After upgrading from release 8.5 to r 10 the CA Intertest CICS CNTL menu which I use to reset my breakpoints and new copy my program no longer displays message CAIN4312 Program New Copy was successful. I receive a blank screen for a few seconds and I return back to the CNTL menu with no indication that the new copy was successfully done.




When upgrading to r 10 the client forgot to carry forward the  CA Intertest CICS IN25OPTS options from release r 8.5. The IN25OPTS option RECNTMU was set to NO. RECNTMU=NO  This option Suppresses the display of CNTL commands and any messages that may be generated.


Update the IN25OPTS option to RECNTMU=YES and reassemble and Link the CA Intertest CICS IN25OPTS option load module. Then recycle CICS for the options to take affect.

Below is the description of the RECNTMU= option.

Indicates whether CNTL menu generated commands are displayed before execution. 
Displays the CNTL commands generated by the CA InterTest for CICS menus just before the commands are executed. The user can learn these commands from the screen and, for efficiency, use them instead of menus. 
Suppresses display of CNTL commands.