Shared LOADLIB for multiple CA7 STC's
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Shared LOADLIB for multiple CA7 STC's


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CA 7 Workload Automation


I have a scenario question for something I'm thinking about doing, but need to know if will cause a problem or not. A WLB module is a load library STEPLIB’d to multiple CA7 tasks in a SYSPLEX. If were being accessed by more than one CA7 task at the same time will this cause the WLB module not to be brought in on one of the two CA7's - or both ?


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As each of your CA7ONL task start, all modules, including the WLB module is loaded into storage on that specific system.
Once in storage, they will will never get called again and there is no resource interference. Also, as two or more  CA7ONL 
tasks start simultaneously, the modules for each CA7ONL are loaded and there are no conflict with the load process.