Does the azure probe have auto-scaling capabilities?


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Customer would like to know if the azure probe includes auto-scaling capabilities.

Does the azure probe support auto-scaling? We have a customer that wants to know if the probe has autoscaling capabilities, e.g., when new activated services or new instances of services are deployed, are they automatically detected by the probe and integrated? 


- UIM 9.0.2 or higher
- azure v3.11


Currently, there is defined list of service types which the azure probe can monitor. If an instance of these services is created in the Azure portal then the azure probe will automatically monitor that service instance. Azure provides auto-scaling services for VMs which is called 'scale-set' in Azure. The azure probe includes support for this service as well.

- If a new instance is created from the supported list of Azure services, the instance will automatically be discovered and monitored by the probe.

- If a new service is to be monitored and if the existing version of the probe supports that service, user has to only enable the new service in the profile.

- If the existing version of the probe doesn’t supports that service, and a later version supports it, the user has to deploy the latest probe and template, and migrate the profile. Post migration, user can enable the new service.