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trying to install jaspersoft studio by clicking on ISO and it starts to look at the drive to mount it on


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We don't have the ability to read the new jaspersoft studio (7.1) because it comes over on a cd (ISO) file and there are security issues on our side.  Is there any other place to get the software without cd version?  The ISO file is unable to be read by our end users.


Component: ODJSP


The easiest way is to use 7-zip and once you extract ISO contents you will see 2 zip files: 

7-zip is free and you might already have it on your machine if not you can ask your IT help desk for it. 

Another option you can have someone from your admin team to mount the iso onto a servers and then copy the contents to a folder that's one way without installing the software. 

You also can install software power iso here: 

it will create a virtual drive and mount it there but you will need admin privileges to install this and the complete version is not free.