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APM: How to tie a role to a saved search


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CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


End users who are tied to a given role in ITAM/APM may need to have access to a given saved search based on their role.  Configuring for this requires some changes to both the saved search and the role itself.


APM/ITAM 14.1 or higher.


- In the saved search you are working under (ie:  go into the Asset tab and access "Manage Searches"), at the top of the search, choose "Search Details" and under "Search Details", access "Search Security". 

- Under "Role Access", choose "Select New" and select the role you want to associate this Saved Search with. Save the change. 

- Under Administration tab, choose "Role Search" and select the role you want to associate the Saved Search with. 

- At the bottom of the Role display, under "Default Searches" click "Select New". 

- The aforementioned Saved Search should present automatically for you to tie the given Saved Search to the given Role.