UIM 9.02 installer failed with Oracle 12c
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UIM 9.02 installer failed with Oracle 12c


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Error message: 'ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied' was returned when testing Database Configuration.


  • Oracle 12c has CDB configured


  • The container of the provided user does not match the provided service name.


Double check that the provided user has expected permissions on the pluggable database.

Connect as oracle user on DB server and run the command to list the status of default Oracle listener :

$lsnrctl status

to get a list of services registered to it. 

Login to DB using OS authentication to root container and run query:

SQL> select name, pdb from v$services order by name;

From the result, you have ideas of existing Pluggable Databases(PDB) and their service name. If the service name is incorrect, proceed to change the service name in the installer UI.

Otherwise, double-check that provided user can access Pluggable database created for UIM. If not recreate a local user for this database.

SQL> alter session set container = pdb_name;

SQL> create user uim identified by ###### default tablespace uim;

Grant required permissions to such user according to Grant Permission, cancel the installation, and run the installer again providing this user name and its matching service name in the installer UI.

Additional Information

It is also recommended to test the connection before running the installer. By default, the sqlplus utility is installed along with Oracle Instant Client, via which you can test database connection with all information to be provided in installer UI.

Since direct connections to pluggable databases must be made using a service, open a command line window and run the following:

>sqlplus /nolog

SQL> connect username/password@db_hostname:listener_port/service_name

It is expected to see 'Connected'.