Update Synthetic Test Data from Portal for Specific Rows


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We have a requirement to update the existing records through the TDM Portal.


Component: TDMWBP


Change data on the Portal after it was published:

 1. Log into Portal
 2. Choose Generators
 3. Choose your Generator.
 4. Choose your Registered table.
 5. Make your Change to what columns your want.
 6. Choose PUBLISH.
 7. Choose your Publish To Connection Profile.
 8. Choose your Schema.
 9. Choose your Repeat value.
10. Expand Options.
11. On Duplicate in Data Target, choose Update from the download list.
12. On Generated Duplicate, choose Remove from the dropdown list.
13. Choose PUBLISH.
14. Choose Submitted Request and find my submitted job and verify it completed.
15. Do a query on your target table and will see values updated.