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Read Only Database for Derby


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


We are unable to add new users to DevTest and there appears to be another db.lck file here:



Component: ITKOTF


Steps performed
- Stopped DevTest services
- Removed four .hprof files
- Moved two .lck files
- Started DevTest services

Commands performed
cd /opt/CA/DevTest/bin
[stopped all services]
cd /opt/CA/DevTest/tmp
rm -rf *.hprof (4 files total)
cd /opt/CA/DevTest/database/dradis.db
rm dbex.lck /opt/CA/DevTest/database/dradis.db/tmp
rm db.lck /opt/CA/DevTest/database/dradis.db/tmp
[started all services]

Additional Information

Other things that can contribute to a Read-Only lock on the Derby Database:
  • Hard drive gets full, causing the DB to enter a read only state.
  • Orphaned DevTest processes
  • Make sure person starting DevTest has the right permissions to modify all the files in the folder