Alarms and QOS are not getting into the database


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We are setting up monitoring and noticed two problems after setting up cdm profiles in MCS:

1 Alarms getting registered with nas
We are able to see the alarms on the primary hub via Dr. Nimbus, but no alarms is showing up in the nas.
Nas is only able to show alarms from HA probe only.

2. Second probe is that no QOS data being injected in the database.


Primary hub : RHEL 7.6
UMP : RHEL 7.6
Primary HA Hub : RHEL 7.6
Remote hubs : RHEL 7.6
UIM Version : 9.0.2 HF2
Database oracle 12c


The permissions documented in the documentation must be applied directly to the user and not to a role that the user belongs to.
In these statements: "dbowner" is the user and not the role:

create user db_owner IDENTIFIED BY owner_password DEFAULT TABLESPACE ts_name;

grant unlimited tablespace to db_owner;

grant administer database trigger to db_owner;

grant create table to db_owner;

grant create view to db_owner;

grant alter any table to db_owner;

grant select any table to db_owner;

grant create sequence to db_owner;

grant create procedure to db_owner;

grant create session to db_owner;

grant create trigger to db_owner;

grant create type to db_owner;

grant select on sys.v_$session to db_owner;

grant execute on sys.dbms_lob to db_owner;

grant execute on dbms_redefinition to db_owner;

grant create any table to db_owner;

grant drop any table to db_owner;

grant lock any table to db_owner;


Additional Information

Queries to check the permissions are correct.  In these examples, the username is CA_UIM

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