How to delete software packages that were replicated


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Within Client Automation I have staged a software package from an Enterprise Server to a Domain Server and Scalability Servers. I would like to now remove the package, how can I accomplish this?

An example of how a package may be staged:

1. I logged into my EM, I right clicked on a software package and click "Stage". I then went through the steps to Stage the package to Domain and Scalability servers. 
2. The package then got deployed and I could see it in the Domain Manager. 
3. From the Domain Manager I can now deploy the package to a workstation. 


Component: BITCM


1. To remove the package I logged into the Domain Manager, right clicked and selected "Delete" 
2. I get a message "Removing software from the Software Package LIbrary will erase all associated installation and distribution records from the database..." 
I pressed "Yes" 
3. The package was deleted, then I could go to the Enterprise Manager and delete the package there as well. 

NOTE: As clearly stated deleting the package will also remove the distribution history. If you wish to retain the history the application can be Archived instead.

Additional Information

Information on Archiving a software package: