SNMPcollector probe not working


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SNMPcollector probe not starting!

Tried to restart the probe as well as robot but it did not work,  found below error in the log of SNMPcollector probe:

 [SnmpCollectorMainExecution, snmpcollector] DB Memory cache size = 131072KB
 [SnmpCollectorMainExecution, snmpcollector] Current working directory:/opt/nimsoft/probes/network/snmpcollector
 [SnmpCollectorMainExecution, snmpcollector] Exception thrown initializing database: Connections could not be acquired from the underlying database!


The Linux robot would not assign a port to the snmpcollector probe until after the server was rebooted, so seems OS port issue.


UIM 8.51
Linux Redhat 
SNMPCollector 3.44



After a restart/reboot of the entire linux server, the snmpcollector now gets the port as expected.

Ensure the ppm probe was deployed on the same hub where the snmpcollector is deployed too.
Ensure the IP address and hostname is added into the /etc/hosts file.