Not able to start IdentityMinder connector due to WSDL generation issues
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Not able to start IdentityMinder connector due to WSDL generation issues


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We are not able to start Identity Minder Connector due to WSDL generation issues.

check line # line 21,700 column 45
[SIGMA APPENDER - FROM WEB] 2019-01-14 12:34:54,427 - ERROR com.idmlogic.sigma.workers.ExceptionsHelper - ErrorCode: 1203, ErrorFamily: GENERAL, Message: com.idmlogic.sigma.backend.InitConnectorException: Failed to start Adapter: [].

Identity Portal won't start due to parsing out the WSDL. 

Parser is saying it shouldn't be seeing this on line 21,700, Column 45 

<xs:element minOccurs="0" name="UniqueName" type="xs:string"/> 
<xs:element minOccurs="0" name="member" type="xs:string"/> 
<xs:element minOccurs="0" name="parentContainer" 
<xs:element minOccurs="0" name="expiryDate" type="xs:string"/> 

Attempted to review wsdl with free online analyzer and it works without issue?  Why does this occur?




When you enable webservice for 'View Active Directory Group' or 'Modify Active Directory Group' tasks, the IM Connector fails to start in IP. This is because, from Portal 'View/Modify Active Directory Group' tasks cannot be used directly. Please disable webservice for these two tasks if it is not required. You can use 'View Active Directory Account' or 'Modify Active Directory Account' tasks to view/add groups. 

If you need to enable webservice for 'View Active Directory Group' and 'Modify Active Directory Group' tasks in IM, then you should add these tasks including Query and Search tasks to 'No Compile List' in Connector Configuration. 

Please follow the below steps to add the IM tasks to 'No Compile List' to avoid compiling these tasks during connector initialization. 

1. Login in Portal Admin UI. 
2. Navigate to Setup > Connectors 
3. Click on 'Create' or Edit existing Connector. 
4. In Connector Configuration, navigate to Webservices tab. 
5. Click on the "Show advanced properties" button 
6. Find the field "No Compile List" 
this is the field that contains the list of all admin tasks that will be filtered out of the wsdl that the connector will actually use to compile. 
7. Add the task tag, including its Query and Search soap calls 
for example, if you want to exclude the task "View Active Directory Group" you need to add to the list the values "ViewActiveDirectoryGroup,ViewActiveDirectoryGroupQuery,ViewActiveDirectoryGroupSearch" 
8. Save the changes and start or restart the Connector.