TPX setup for large screen display
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TPX setup for large screen display


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


A user who previously under NVAS was able to view a full panel display of a 40 row by 173 column report with the BlueZone TN3270 set to a DYNAMIC device model.
How to customize the same capability in TPX?


TPX 5.4
Z/OS 2.2


The customer added logmodes DYNAMIC and D4C32XX3 to the MODETAB presuming that it would assist in displaying the large screen size, ignoring the fact that TPX has already provided the same feature for dynamic logmode in its logmode tables.

Trace entries for the TSO Session suggests that this was rejected with return code / feedback of x'14' / x'4B' and sense code and modifier of x'0821' and x'0002' .
Description SENSE CODE=08210002:
Mode name at CP not valid: The specified 'mode' name was not recognized by the Control Program (VTAM).

Customer defined logmode had incorrect RU SIZE for dynamic logmode.
Use the delivered logmode T3278MDE which is the same as D4C32XX3, but with correct RU SIZES for TPX.

This would indicate that logmode T3278MDE is not defined in one or both of the following locations.
Verify T3278MDE (D4C32XX3), dynamic logmode is present in the logmode tables in one or both locations.

-The VTAM on the HOST where TPX instance is running.
-The VTAM where TSO application is hosted.