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XCOM Transfers Failing XCOMM1510E System SSL Function gsk_secure_socket_init


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We recently updated the default IPPORT for multiple XCOMs in a sysplex to use our secure port.

All of them have been working just fine, except one of them, system A. I am able to send mainframe to mainframe transfers just fine. The problem is that transfers to the distributive environment were not going through from system A. The odd part is that transfers from system B that was updated in the sysplex were sending just fine to the same servers that system A was having problems with. I have since reverted system A's IPPORT back to the non secure port and everything is working fine. I compared the config file for both system A and B, and outside of the ACBNAME everything was the same. Here is the error in question that system A was getting:
XCOMM1510E System SSL Function gsk_secure_socket_init: RC = 406: Reason = Error while reading or writing data

Any direction as to what could be causing the problem is greatly appreciated. 


XCOM r12.0 for z/OS


The documentation provided by the user showed the following message with the failing transfers:

XCOMM1501I Attempting to upgrade partner connection to secure socket 

That led us to have them check that:

1. Fix RO96804, is applied to the load library that the TYPE=SCHEDULE job is using. 
2. Make sure that the CONFIG member being used by the TYPE=SCHEDULE job is also correct and has the correct IPPORT. 



The problem was caused by using the incorrect CONFIG member. In this instance the user is making use of the CONFIGDSN feature of XCOM that allows them to control what CONFIG member the job would use. It was noticed that the dataset containing the CONFIG member was not the same as that of the other XCOM STC servers.