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How to have Bitlocker information in Asset Management inventory ?

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Release: 14.0

Component: Asset Management


With a DMS script it is possible to create a MIF file to create additional inventory about bitlocker.

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1- In DSM Explorer, Go under Jobs/Asset Jobs.

Right click on My Asset Jobs and select New.

Choose Script as type of job

2- Click Next and give a name to the job (ex: Bitlocker)

3- Click Next and copy/paste the contents of attached file bitlocker.dms in the text field

4- Click Next and click on "Set Scheduling" button.

In Miscellaneous tab, check the option "This job is allowed to run unattended"

5- Click OK and Finish button. The Asset Job is created.

6- Link this job to machines or group of machines which should do bitlocker inventory

7- During next execution of AM Agent on the machines, bitlocker job will be executed. And bitlocker inventory will appear under Additional folder in DSM Explorer


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