DE Run Frequency at job level


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


When clearing out the Run Frequency fields and deselecting "Use Application-level defaults" at the job level, the "Use application-level defaults" option is automatically chosen again. We do not want a specific job to run in this application until further notice. How can we prevent the job from running in the future?


Component: DSRIES


This is not a bug in the product; rather working as designed. Be it for an External job type, or any job type for that matter, if you remove the "Use application-level defaults" option from the job and empty out the Run Frequency from the job, it will always revert back to inherit the application-level defaults. The run Frequency list cannot be empty.

In an r11.3 SPx and up to r12.0 SP1 environment, to prevent a job within an application from running, you will need to add a Do Not Dun DAILY schedule statement.

With the release of r12 SP2, there is now an option to choose at the job level called "Do Not Run" Of course the Do Not Run DAILY scheduling statement still works if you wish to handle it that way.