Create report button is not responding on click in the ready for review page under PII Audit


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I was trying to do profiling activity for our application in the self service portal by scheduling PII audit scan job. Job completed successfully and is in ready for review queue. I complete all the reviews by clicking on confirm button. But create report button is not responding in the ready for review page under PII audit tab to proceed further though the button "appears" to be active. When chrome browser is moved/presented/displayed in a bigger screen, then the button works. I believe, irrespective of the screen size, page should should customize itself to support the feature. Not all the people who work in the team have a bigger screen to attached to their lap-top to re-size the display.  Please address this issue.


The review button is over laid by other UI invisible micro windows/panels that make the button unable to be pushed.  


TDM Portal and all of 4.6 versions.


The following version of CA TDM Portal resolves this issue:   Note This is UI fix, Please  clear browser cache after applying the patch.  To obtain this patch or a later version that contains this patch, contact BC Support.  If you are installing a GA version after March 26, 2019, please contact support to make sure this fix is in that GA version.