Monitor checks show gap
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Monitor checks show gap


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


We noticed that on our monitor there is a large check gap between 00:58 – 03:00.  The monitor is not in any maintenance mode nor was it turned off by anyone.  What could have caused this gap in checks?


Component: WMAPP


While investigating the Monitor configuration, it was found that the Check Periods were set to start at 3:00 AM and end at 1:00 AM.

How ASM interprets this is the following:
Run the checks starting at 3:00 AM today and run until 1:00 AM the next morning.  And then between 1:00 AM the next morning to 3:00 AM the next morning, no checks will be executed for this monitor. 

So the monitor was working as it was configured to, which is why there was a gap in checks between 1:00 AM and 3:00 AM.

If you want to run checks 24/7, then the best way to configure the check time period is from 00:00 to 23:59. This way the checks run all the time without any gaps.