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What is the meaning of a diference between CPU and Elpased time reported in Detector and in MAINVIEW accounting reports?.


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The time data, CPU and Elapsed, reported in Detector has a difference with the time data reported in MAINVIEW accounting reports. For example, for a specific Plan the accounting detail times are larger in MAINVIEW reports. The accounting times reported in MAINVIEW reports are based on SMF data.



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The Detector times include only the times that are used in SQL execution, and are not equivalent to the times which would be found on SMF data. The SMF/MAINVIEW data includes all activitiy that occurred in DB2 for the Thread, which would include Plan/Package allocation, Thread initialization as well as some Detector overhead and SQL execution, so it is expected that the Detector number would be lower that those reported by SMF and/or MAINVIEW, Detector reports only SQL execution.