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Polling interval of url_response probe is set to 5 mins which means we should have 288 polls each day but we are getting some discrepancy in no. of polls.
We have taken no. of polls from RN_QOS_DATA_0425 for three URLs mentioned below.
URL URL Name in UIM Table ID Total

https://services.gst.gov.in/services/exthealth DC2-Service 1146045 289
https://return.gst.gov.in/returns/exthealth DC2-Return 1146055 290
https://partner.gst.gov.in/apiportal/health DC2-Partner 1149409 285

As you can see no. of polls are 1 more for service URL,2 more for return URL and 3 less for partner URL.


url_response - 4.43


There can be no guarantee that the probe will poll accurately 288 times and send that much times a metrics.
There can be various factors as below:

* polling interval may not accurately align with system hour clock. there may be cases when metric may miss by few seconds or minute to lie in day timeframe.
* It’s not very mandate that probe completes its processing in 5mins, rather probe starts polling on configured interval and there can be factors like processing data, network delay leading metrics.
* Further there can be various components involvement like publishing metrics and database insertions etc.

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