activate_probe_templates_package callback fails after 9.02 upgrade


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


Probe packages fail to activate after a successful UIM 9.02 upgrade; 

activate_probe_templates_package callback command fails with the following error for the probe listed below: 

net_connect 3.34 
oracle 5.32 
sharepoint 1.83 
exchange_monitor 5.32 
attr_publisher 1.04 

message: Probe templates package current state (error) is not eligible for activation 
status: failed 

The mon_config_service.log will also display the following error: 
"Exception while storing template: [MCS-214] A duplicate of this template already exists. " 

The following query displays the probes with error status 
select * from ssrv2probetemplateupgrade where probe_name in ('net_connect' , 'oracle', 'sharepoint', 'exchange_monitor', 'attr_publisher')


Defect resolved with mon_config_service-9.0.2-HF4


UIM 9.02 with mon_config_service 9.02


1. Deploy available in the CA Unified Infrastructure Management Hotfix Index page 

2. Re-deploy all the probe template packages which are in "error" state in the SSRV2ProbeTemplatesPackage 

net_connect_mcs_templates 3.34 
oracle_mcs_templates 5.32 
sharepoint_mcs_templates 1.83 
exchange_monitor_mcs_templates 5.32 
attr_publisher_mcs_templates 1.04 

3. Run the query below to verify that probes now show 'loaded' in the status column. 

select * from ssrv2probetemplateupgrade where probe_name in ('net_connect' , 'oracle', 'sharepoint', 'exchange_monitor', 'attr_publisher')