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How do we configure, in detail, multiple organizations in a LDAP user attribute field in order to have that user assigned to these organizations, assuming all these Organizations have already been created in Dev. Portal?


Developer Portal 4.3.1


How to map LDAP user to multiple organizations in Portal 

In order to have LDAP user mapped to multiple organizations the portal LDAP authentication scheme Authorization Type MUST be set to “Portal”.  After the user successfully logs into the portal for the first time the admin can add the different organisations for that user 

Login in as portal Admin create the different organizations

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Defining different Org

Edit the LDAP authentication scheme:
  • From API Portal, select Administration, Authentication.
  • Select Edit from the Actions menu of the authentication scheme.
  • Go to Attribute Mapping section, and select Portal from Select Authorization Type.
  • Save the authentication scheme.

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Authoriation Type

When the New developer logs into the portal for the first time they will be Guest Users.  To add multiple organization the Admin needs to edit the user. User PP no organizations:

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First Login
Map users to multiple organizations: Admin logs into portal
Select Users

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Modify User
Go to the Developers tab.
In the Actions menu for the registered user, select Edit.


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Edit User

The user details are displayed. This is a read-only page.
Select Next
From the Select Organization and Role page, select the organization and the corresponding role.

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Add orgs
Select Save to save the mapping.
The user is mapped to one or more organizations.

Log back into portal as the user - you should now have the ability to switch organizations 

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Switch orgs

Additional Information

From the documentation:
Multiple organizations support is available in onprem release 4.3.1.
Please refer below link for Multiple organizations support to LDAP:



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