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CA GEN: Creating a separate PDF for each downloadable manual


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset Gen - Host Encyclopedia Gen - Run Time Distributed


Downloading the entire bookshelf for CA GEN release 8.6 via the PDF button and thus creating a PDF, may the 66 mb file be separated into the different individual guides?


CA GEN release 8.6


The PDF file created with all of the manuals will have to be separated manually into the different individual guides.
The following steps may be followed in order to get each separate guide into its own PDF files.
For each separate guide, please 
1. Sign into Support Online. 
2. Go to the CA GEN 8.6 DocOps main menu - this link: 
3. For example, to create a PDF for the Release Notes manual, please click on Release Notes 
4. Then, click on the PDF button 
5. This will create a PDF consisting only of the 96 pages for the Release Notes Manual.