XCOMN0508E Error replacing or creating file
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XCOMN0508E Error replacing or creating file


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We write to share drives and now we are receiving the above error when we try to transfer. XCOMN0508E Error replacing or creating file


XCOM r11.6 for Windows


Per the XCOM trace provided we see that system function MoveFileEx is failing causing the transfer to fail when the temporary file is being renamed. The trace shows:

Xrename: rename file <\\nausbf-hrisp1\datafeeds\ETL_production_HRMS_copy\xc0000026424a06060> to <\\nausbf-hrisp1\datafeeds\ETL_production_HRMS_copy\getthere_employee_20190323txt> 

MoveFileEx: error=0x20 
fsmachin 3212: Calling SetQEntryStats 
SetQEntryStats: Working with entry 000002 
SetQEntryStats: Completed successfully 
fsmachin 3218: Statistics is set successfully. 
fsmachin 3219: SNA Confirm State(3), XCOM xcbp->state = 508 


Audit errors are being received when they try to write to the share that is used for the XCOM transfers. They need to review the cause of those Audit Errors and for now they will write to the drive directly.

Additional Information

Here are the 2 meanings of the '0x20' code on the failing function:

32 (0x20) 
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. 


32 (0x20) The function fails if the source file is a link source, but the file cannot be tracked after the move. This situation can occur if the destination is a volume formatted with the FAT file system.