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When Deploying REST an error received "No Suitable Java Compiler found"


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When I am trying to deploy RESTful web services, with the command:

pdm_rest_util -deploy

An error is received:

FATAL ERROR: No suitable Java Compiler found. Make sure tools.jar file exists in the path and is from the same version as the JRE. 


Component: USRD


This error may be seen if the Java JRE was updated, but the JRE does not include a Java Compiler.


1. Confirm the path of the JRE. Go into the Service Desk Manager install folder, and edit the file NX.env with a text editor.
Find: "@NX_JRE_INSTALL_DIR=". This is the current location of the JRE.

2. Browse to the JRE directory. Look in the "bin" directory and see if javac.exe is present. Look in the "lib" directory and confirm if tools.jar is present. If either of these files are missing this solution will help.

3. Find the original JRE directory, this is typically in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\JRE

Open the version folder, and from the "bin" directory copy the javac.exe, copy it into the currently configured JRE\bin directory. From the "lib" directory copy the tools.jar and paste it into the currently configured JRE\lib directory.

4. Run the pdm_rest_util -deploy command again.
Restart is not necessary.