sqlserver logfile usage query fails with arithmetic overflow error


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


logfile_usage query errors after after upgrading from sqlserver v5.40 to v5.42

"Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type int."


- defect


- robot v7.95 HF5
- hub v7.93


- Upgrading to sqlserver-5.42T2.zip resolved the problem

This fix will be added to the next GA version of the probe.

In the meantime, please contact UIM support if you need this version to resolve the same issue reported in this article.

1. Import the sqlserver-5.42T2.zip to your local archive. 
2. Rt-click and download vs2017_vcredist_x86(32-bit OS) or vs2017_vcredist_x64(64-bit OS) probe in the archive, based on the operating on which IM is installed. 
3. Deactivate the sqlserver probe
4. Deploy the hotfix/sqlserver test build 
5. Activate the sqlserver probe

Additional Information

Please Open a Support Ticket to get the sqlserver-5.42T2.zip or Newer versions