USM is not showing the correct IP address for a robot after an IP changed


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NIMSOFT PROBES CA Unified Infrastructure Management for z Systems DX Infrastructure Management


How can I update the IP address of a robot in USM?
The robotip property has been updated and it shows correctly in IM and the Admin Console,
but UMP still has the old address.

UIM does not support dynamic IP's


UIM 9.02 and earlier
UMP 9.02 and earlier


Steps to correct the issue:
1) Login into USM  as administrator /superuser and go to the inventory section
2) Find the robot that has had the IP changed by name or old IP address
3) The first column will be a check box, check the box to select the robot
4) Go to the action button in the upper left hand corner and choose the option to delete the selected system
5) make sure NOT to check ANY of the boxes when prompted.
6) check to make sure the robot has been deleted.
7) Restart the robot service and it will be added back into the system with the new IP address.