Admin user unable to delete Data sources in CA PM
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Admin user unable to delete Data sources in CA PM


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I am logged into the CAPC console as the Admin user, but I am unable to delete an existing data source, the delete data source option is grayed out.


CAPC 3.x

NetOps 20.x


By default, no one has the right to delete a data source to prevent causing data base issues.


By default, the ‘delete data source’ role is not available to any users in CAPC.

If you delete a data source, you MUST wait until it has been completely removed from the CAPC console before adding another.
This is to make sure that the EM and DM services have cleaned up all remnants of that data source.
To add the needed role:
You will begin by going to Administration, user settings and selecting Roles.
Under Roles you will select Administrator and click Edit.
You will then select Performance Center and click Edit.
Here you will see in the left pane "Delete Data Sources".
This can be added to the right pane by either double clicking or selecting once and click the right arrow.
After you will select OK followed by Save.

 Any user that is part of the Administrator Role will now have access to delete a data source.