How can we setup logmon to send an alarm when a match is found X number of times?


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


We have a need to monitor an applicaiton log file.
when we see the same alert X number of times in a row we would like to get an alert.
How can we setup the logmon probe to do this?


UIM 9.02 and earlier
logmon probe 4.10 and earlier


So currently the logmon probe does not have this ability out of the box.

There is a workaround you can try and see if it will meet your needs. the steps would be
1) create a watcher profile to find the match you are looking for.
2) set up a variable.
3) setup QOS to count matches.
4) set up the alarm to send when matches is greater than or equal to X ( Where X is the number of matches you want to alarm on)
5) then in nas setup a preprocessing rule to exclude the original logmon alarm.

without the last step, you will end up with two alarms,
one for the match of the watcher profile and then a second one for the match count being greater.