"list_publishable failed in backend" when opening Web Screen Painter


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When launching Web screen painter, the following error is returned:
list_publishable failed in backend: do you want pdm_publish to start CA service desk manager in this standby server and perform fail-over(Y/N)?
The above was reported to occur after applying (roll-up patch #1, RU1).


The Tomcat port is not included in the web screen painter URL.


CA Service Desk Manager


Ensure that the value of NX_WSP_CGI_URL in the NX.env files of the servers includes the Tomcat port.

For example, 


For the new value to persist after a pdm_configure, be sure that the same statement in the NX.env_nt.tpl is updated.

Instead of editing the NX.env file directly, it is recommended to use the following commands on each server in the environment, after replacing SDMAASB1 with the hostname of the server and if necessary, replacing the port 8080 with the actual Tomcat port:

pdm_options_mgr -c -s WSP_CGI_URL -a pdm_option.inst -v http://SDMAASB1:8080/CAisd/pdmweb.exe 

pdm_options_mgr -c -s WSP_CGI_URL -a pdm_option.inst -v http://SDMAASB1:8080/CAisd/pdmweb.exe -t

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