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Test execution results are no longer coming up in the DevTest Portal


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


In the DevTest Portal when selecting Monitor -> Tests, the results of previously run tests are no longer being displayed.
The Registry service is using the default Derby database.

Other Symptoms:
The Registry process is showing high CPU usage.
The Derby database in the lisa.db folder is using a lot of disk space. More than 15 GB. for example.


The Registry is configured with the default Derby database.


All supported versions of Devtest


The Apache Derby database that is included with DevTest is adequate only for small deployments that do not require load and performance testing, and is not supported.
For all other scenarios, configure DevTest to use an external database.

The maintenance that can be done on a Derby database is limited but it is easy to start with a new clean database by following these steps: 
- Stop the DevTest services 
- In the DevTest home/database sub folder, rename the lisa.db folder to lisa.db.backup 
- Restart the services

When the Registry starts, it will create a new lisa.db folder with a new Derby database.

The impact of starting with a new database is that the userids and roles that were added will be lost.
The default users like admin, will be recreated. 
Also all existing test reports will be removed.

Additional Information

To reduce amount of reporting data generated by a test, update the type of report in the staging document from 'Default Report Generator' to 'Load Test Report Generator'.

By default old reports will be cleaned up after 30 days. 
To clean up old reports sooner (after 5 days for example) set the following in

For more background see: