QnA Strike count shown as minus 2 on the Admin UI screens
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QnA Strike count shown as minus 2 on the Admin UI screens


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CA Rapid App Security CA Advanced Authentication CA API Gateway


At version 9.0 when a QnA is fetched and the Authentication is not performed the StrikeCount (which represents the failed attempts) is set to a "-2". These two screens will show the "-2" value. 

1. The "Manage Authentication Credential" screen of the Global Admin UI shows "Number of Failed Attempts" as "-2" which is meaningless to the user. In previous versions the failed attempts was always shown as 0 or higher positive number.

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2. In the "Authentication Activity Report"  (using the Global Admin's Reports function) you can see that "Failed Attempts" column is displaying a "-2".

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CA Strong Authentication version 9.0


This was a bug introduced that displayed "Failed Attempts" (Strike Count) as an internal raw state of the QnA credential. This raw state was not meaningful to the user with respect to the failed attempts

In the backed DB, "-2" for Failed Attempt related field was used by CA Strong Authentication to represent the QnA credential state where QnA was fetched but a Authentication was not attempted using the fetched QnA credential. For any display a "-2" is meaningless hence has neen corrected. 



Please request these two patch related files from Broadcom Support Team

1. CA-StrongAuth-9.0-DE392185-HotFix-Release-Notes.txt
2. CA-StrongAuth-9.0-DE392185-HotFix.zip

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