Sub-Object Secure Views Hiding Subpages
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Sub-Object Secure Views Hiding Subpages


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I am seeing an issue in which a user with view and/or edit rights is unable to see a subpage of a sub-object. 

Project Object
Sub-object 1
Sub-object 2
Sub-object 3

Sub object 1 is a sub of the Project object. Sub-object 2 and 3 are sub-objects of 1. When both 2 and 3 are set to secure, we can assign rights but they don't seem to work. The configuration of views from sub-object 1 allows to rearrange, however only the first in order displays in the UI. It's an issue when rights being applied at the OBS level because as an Admin with global rights it's working as expected.


Component: PPMSTU


It is reproducible in 15.3, but not reproducible in 15.6.