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Clarity PPM: Refresh ODATA Model job completes with WARNING


Article ID: 129908


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


There are several pages of missing views. Although the job completes, there is an issue retrieving the views from a tool such as PowerBI.

The example error is shown:

Message    3/18/19 9:13 AM    
OData V2 Model refresh initiated...
Job Started    3/18/19 9:13 AM    
Message    3/18/19 9:13 AM    
Refreshing Data Warehouse OData Model...
Message    3/18/19 9:17 AM    
OData V2 Model refresh is completed.
Warning    3/18/19 9:17 AM    
DWH_INV_PER_FACTS_F_V:Table does not exist
Message    3/18/19 9:17 AM    
V2 data source updated successfully in OData Service Server.
Warning    3/18/19 9:17 AM    
DWH_RIM_RISK_NOTES_V:Table does not exist
Warning    3/18/19 9:17 AM    
DWH_RIM_RISK_ACTIONS_V:Table does not exist
Warning    3/18/19 9:17 AM    
DWH_RIM_ISSUE_NOTES_V:Table does not exist
Warning    3/18/19 9:17 AM    
DWH_RIM_RISK_AI_ASSIGNEES_V:Table does not exist



Component: ODDWH


There is an issue with the behind-the-scenes job called the Refresh Grant Database job. This SaaS job grants rights to the Hybrid Data Pipeline (HDP) login.
It will have the same rights as the DWH user. 



Please contact the Support team to have the DBA team check the HDP vs the DWH
and to grant the view rights to the HDP user.