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How to use the JCLCheck RESOLVE Control-M variables from the JCLCheck ISPF Panels interface (JCKSPF)


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JCLCheck Workload Automation


How to use the  JCLCheck RESOLVE feature to resolve Control-M external variables from the JCLCheck ISPF Panels interface (JCKSPF)


JCLCheck Workload Automation release 12.0
Operating system: z/OS


1. Set the Resolve for Control-M:  
    -  Select option 0 - Option Specifications from the primary JCLCheck/SPF Menu (panelid JCK0200).
    -  Select option 1 - Process Control Options from the  JCLCheck/Control Options Menu (panelid JCK0210) 
    -  Set "Go to ADDITIONAL PROCESSING OPTIONS PANEL => Y", and hit enter
    -  Set "RESOLVE - Resolve external variables by calling product. . . . => CTM", and press F3 to return 

2. Select option 7 - RESOLVE -  External Variable Resolution  from the primary JCLCheck/SPF Menu (panelid JCK0200).

3. Specify  your RESOLVE Parm File name on the  JCLCHECK EXTERNAL VARIABLE SPECIFICATION - CONTROL-M (panelid JCK0208), and hit enter.  (This is the parameter data set for Control-M.  See the sample below.)  The parm file is displayed for review and for further editing if necessary.  When done, hit F3.

4. Select F for Foreground JCLCheck or B for JCLCheck Batch submission from panel JCK0217 ----- JCLCheck External Variable Resolution Submission 


Additional Information

- Resolve External Variable Installation Considerations for Control-M

- Specify Control-M Parameters

- Sample Control-M RESOLVE parm file when using the JCLCheck ISPF Panel Interface (JCKSPF):

EDIT       USERID1.SPF.RESPARMS                   Columns 00001 00072
Command ===>                                        Scroll ===> PAGE
****** ************************* Top of Data *************************

000002 OWNER SY01                              
000003 WDATE 060600                          
000004 ODATE 060600                                                            
000006 LIBRARY TEST.JCL.CNTL                                                   
000007 MEMBER CTMJ*                                                            
000008 SUBMIT                                                                  
000009 MEMBER CTMT*                                                            
000010 SUBMIT                                                                  
****** ************************ Bottom of Data ************************